The Partners

“Efficient and prompt”

To satisfy all different types of market needs, Co.Me.Ind. S.r.l. has diversified its services and it has promptly met market requirements. For these reasons it has established partnerships with companies which can operate promptly in Italy and abroad.


*Projectwork. S.r.l.
A company specialized in searching and recruiting any required professional. It operates in any sectors such as mechanical, civil construction, commercial and retailing. It operates within 24 hours in Italy and abroad.


*Industrial Service S.r.l.
Company specialized in service abroad in the following fields:
-equipment construction (skids, pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, air coolers, process gas waste heat boilers, high pressure urea and ammonia exchangers, etc.),
-ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (breech lock openings, gasket replacements, bundle replacements, etc.),
-repairing activities (welding restoration on tube sheets, nozzles, shells; retubing, etc.),
-equipment installation/start up,
-maintenance of watercrafts and onboard equipment even during the navigation,
-managing/supervising construction sites.